Quick payday loans without BIK the cheapest ! Available from stock only as an ID card, up to the amount of PLN 15,000. Quick payday Loans is a simple way to get cash without any paperwork within 30 minutes. You will receive money by bank transfer or pick up by check in any mail. No income statements, no bank statement, no credit rating and no BIK checking.

Quick Boat Loans for proof without BIK for a great way to get cash when you need “money for now” and you do not have time to get your certificates or if for any reason you can not get a loan from the bank. A quick payday loan can be obtained by anyone who earns income and undergo positive verification in BIG.

szybkie pożyczki łódź, szybka gotówka, pożyczki na dowód łódź

In our offer you will find cheap loans and free debts, and what are the differences between them you can read in our guide a loan or a payday loan.

Quick payday loans is available to all customers from and the region, as well as any person who will visit us personally in our office .

 szybkie pożyczki łódź, szybka gotówka, pożyczki na dowód łódź


You can submit an application for a loan in person at our branch or online on our website.

  • loan amount up to PLN 15,000 (as proof)
  • loan amount up to PLN 20,000 (income confirmation)
  • payday from 500 PLN to 4000 PLN (first time for free)
  • without checking BIK
  • interest rate from 10%
  • long loan period: up to 48 months
  • no minimum income, all sources of income accepted
  • for customers with bailiff classes, loans up to PLN 3000 are available


If you need a Quick payday Loan without BIK, we guarantee the best loan offer . We enjoy a very good reputation among clients, we have been operating on the loan market since 2010, we do not charge commissions or prepayments. And you can join the ranks of our satisfied customers, apply for a loan and see how simple it is.


Sample loan:

The total amount of the loan: PLN 4.000

Monthly installment: PLN 200

Duration of the contract: 32 months

The total cost of the loan: PLN 2,400

The total amount to be repaid is PLN 6,400

Interest rate: 10%


A representative example: the total amount of the loan – PLN 4,000; total cost of the loan – PLN 2,400, annual interest rate – 10%; the duration of the contract – 32 months; the amount of monthly installments – PLN 200.00; the total amount to be paid by the Consumer – PLN 6,400; APRC – 69.50%

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